Lear More Concerning Power Resistors

A resistor is a type of two-terminal electrical components that are made specifically to oppose current flow within a circuit. The main idea or principle behind the opposition is to prevent the electrical current from destroying the device. This is done through a reduction of the current flow. They are also used to adjust the signal level as well as divide voltages and wattages. These components are also used primarily to terminate transmission lines. Do check out current shunt resistor information.

Apart from these uses, power resistors are also used for other purposes in the electronic field. When used in generators, they are used to test loads. They are also used for power distribution in motor controls. These components are essential elements in all electronic circuits, gadgets, and circuits. These components are made of materials that are able to dissipate heat to the environment.

Due to the opposition, they pose on the current flow, they become very hot and unless the heat is radiated to the environment, the component can get destroyed. Due to this fact, they have to produce heat in order to remain effective. However, the working mechanism varies from one type of power resistor to the other. Some of the common power resistors used in electronic gadgets and devices include.

Wirewound resistors.

This is a type of power resistor commonly used in power transformers in most electronic gadgets. This type of resistor is made of wrapping or winding an insulated wire around a solid material such as plastic, fiberglass or ceramic. The main idea behind this principle is to reduce the speed at which the power or current travels within a circuit.

These resistors are effective when it comes to tolerance and temperature coefficient because they can withstand high temperatures of even 450 degrees Celsius. However, in order to get a quality component, it is important to look for these electrical resistors from reliable and reputable Wirewound Resistors Company.

Current shunt resistors.

Another common type of resistor is the electric current shunt resistor. This is a type of resistor mainly used to bring normalcy or stableness in a circuit. In most cases, these resistors are used to measure either AC or DC currents through voltage drop or rise.

It comes with a sensor whereby if the current exceeds a certain range, the resistor automatically switches off and stops the current from causing damage to the device. However, there are some few features that define a good current shunt or sense resistor. These features include current rating, output voltage, accuracy, drift, and power rating.